Overview, Goal, and Support

What Is Sex Trafficking of Youth?

Youth under the age of 18 involved in commercial sexual activity are victims of sex trafficking regardless of the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Despite limited information about sex trafficking, there is growing awareness that this form of sexual exploitation impacts a number of U.S. youth. Evidence regarding how best to educate youth about sex trafficking, identify trafficked and at-risk youth, and respond to youth in a school-based setting is critically needed.

Our Goal

The overall goal of Teach2Reach is to work with our partners to assure that teachers and staff in North Carolina middle and high schools have evidence-informed, and developmentally appropriate content and protocol to teach students about sex trafficking and connect at-risk students with needed services. Such programming will help enhance the well-being of NC students, and will help schools to meet NC legal requirements that students receive education about sex trafficking and are connected to related services when needed. This content will help NC schools fulfill requirements under legislation requiring education on trafficking.


The Crime Victim Services Committee of the Governors Crime Commission funded two projects to support this initiative: DOJ Office of Justice Programs (Project ID # PROJ011945 and Project ID #PRO).

This project is supported by a generous gift from Mrs. Linnea W. Smith, MD.