Project Activities

Our project includes engagement in several activities aimed to inform the development of a human trafficking awareness and identification content to be delivered in schools, as well as a human trafficking identification and response protocol for schools which will include connecting victims to community service agencies and law enforcement.

We will be creating a manual and toolkit. Further, it is our goal that project activities will also inform the development of a training protocol as well as a training and dissemination plan in collaboration with the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA). Please find additional information about NCCASA here.

Teach2Reach is currently engaging in a number of activities to inform development of the school-based sex trafficking content and protocol, including:

  • Meeting with our partners to gather their insight and feedback about content and protocol development;
  • Identifying currently available programs that educate students about sex trafficking;
  • Surveying NC superintendents and school principals to document current services and explore suggestions for new program content, structure, and logistics; and
  • Conducting stakeholder discussion groups across the state (e.g., advocates, school personnel, law enforcement, criminal justice, survivors, youth, and parents).