Survey of Existing Programs to Educate Youth About Sex Trafficking Has Closed

We’ve recently finished collecting data from organizations across the United States who are educating youth about sex trafficking. We look forward to sharing findings from this survey soon! We will be including a program matrix for people who are interested in learning more about each of the specific programs as well as overall findings on the state of existing ST programs.

New Publication: Educating Youth About Commerical Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Systematic Review

Our systematic review on educating youth about commercial exploitation of children was recently published online and will appear in print in a special issue of Global Social Welfare on “Innovations in Holistic Interventions: Implications for Global Social Development.” You can access the article here.

Here’s the citation for the article:

Rizo, C. F., Klein, L. B., Chesworth, B. R., O’Brien, J. E., Macy, R. J., Martin, S. L., Crews, M. E., & Love, B. L. (2019). Educating youth about commerical exploitation of children: A systematic review. Global Social Welfare, 6(1), 29-39. doi:10.1007/s40609-018-0119-7

Survey of Principals and Superintendents Has Closed!

We have closed our survey of alternative school principals and are writing up findings from our surveys of traditional school principals, alternative school principals, and superintendents. We look forward to sharing more information about what principals are thinking about implementing programs to teach youth about sex trafficking and protocols to identify students at risk soon!