COVID-19 Resources

Below are a few resources on the intersection of sex trafficking and COVID-19. We will continue to update this list as additional information becomes available.

For service providers

  1. National Listening Session Series: Preventing and Responding to Child Trafficking During COVID-19
  2. Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation 2020 Online Global Summit (July 18-28, 2020)
  3. Polaris Blog Post: The Effect of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking
  4. Polaris Blog Post: COVID-19 May Increase Human Trafficking in Vulnerable Communities
  5. Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force Web-based Training: trains service providers to consider the ways in which COVID-19 may affect trafficking and how to build a response strategy within their organization (approx. 1 hour)
  6. Human Trafficking and the COVID-19 Pandemic: handout developed by HEAL Trafficking and the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force for healthcare providers

For violence survivors

  1. Sanctuary for Families: Safety Planning During COVID-19: Tips From Survivors For Survivors
  2. Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence: COVID-19: Survivors & the Workplace

For both violence survivors and service providers

  1. Office on Trafficking in Persons: COVID-19 Resources, Services, and Support
  2. North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault: COVID-19 Updates
  3. North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence: COVID-19 Updates
  4. Futures Without Violence: Resources on COVID-19 Response for Domestic & Sexual Violence Programs
  5. Futures Without Violence: COVID-19 Resources


Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis. Wishing you all safety and good health during these times.

Teach2Reach at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference

In January 2020, the Teach2Reach team presented at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. One presentation focused on an overview of the project and a second presentation shared results from the team’s national survey of sex trafficking education programs.

Congratulations to Cindy, Sandy, Rebecca, Christy, Brittney, LB, Hannabeth, Lily, and JP for terrific presentations! We wanted to share a copy of the presentations here as well. If you have questions about the presentations or program, please feel free to contact any of the three project investigators:

SSWR 2020- Teach2Reach Overview

SSWR 2020- Program Survey Oral Presentation

Human Trafficking Commission Presentation

In June 2019, Cindy Fraga Rizo, Hannabeth Franchino-Olsen, Sandy Martin, and Rebecca Macy presented an overview of the Teach2Reach program to the Human Trafficking Commission. Program structure and protocol, as well as sample objectives, content, and activities were discussed.

Congratulations to Cindy, Hannabeth, Sandy, and Rebecca for a fabulous presentation! We wanted to share a copy of the presentation here as well. If you have any questions about the presentation or program, please feel free to contact any of the three project investigators:

Teach2Reach Presentation for Human Trafficking Commission_27JUN2019

Teach2Reach Awarded Grant, Program Update

In October 2019, the Teach2Reach team was awarded a grant from the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission (GCC) to support the implementation of the Teach2Reach program and response protocol in Youth Development Centers and Residential Programs across North Carolina. Our team will be training school personnel and staff on sex trafficking and supporting youth, delivering outreach to youth, and providing crisis services and referrals to youth who disclose sex trafficking.  This funding will support the team in their work through 2021. Thank you to the GCC for their support!

Since the award, the team has been busy refining educator and social worker training materials, as well as integrating stakeholder feedback into the curriculum. Understanding that schools have varying needs and capacities, the team is also creating multiple versions of the curriculum. Schools can then choose the version which best fits the needs of their educators and students.