Protocol Schools Can Use to Report Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children to Child Protective Services

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Chesworth, B. R., Rizo, C. F., Franchino-Olsen, H., Klein, L. B., Macy, R. J., & Martin, S. L. (2020). Protocol schools can use to report commercial sexual exploitation of children to child protective services. School Social Work Journal45(1), 40-57.

Educating Students about Sex Trafficking and Responding to Students’ Needs: Principals’ Perceptions and Practices

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Rizo, C. F., Klein, L., Chesworth, B. R., Franchino-Olsen, H., Villodas, M. L., Macy, R. J., & Martin, S. L. (2021). Educating students about sex trafficking and responding to students’ needs: Principals’ perceptions and practices. Journal of Human Trafficking7(2), 202-223.

Measures for Evaluating Sex Trafficking Aftercare and Support Services: A Systematic Review and Resource Compilation

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Graham, L. M., Macy, R. J., Eckhardt, A., Rizo, C. F., & Jordan, B. L. (2019). Measures for evaluating sex trafficking aftercare and support services: A systematic review and resource compilation. Aggression and Violent Behavior47, 117-136.